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Get Active for Your Planet

Your Mobility Diary


MotionTag is your mobility diary that helps you stay active and gives you a better idea of the daily impact you have on the environment when traveling.


Our app automatically tracks your daily activity, and can differentiate between 9 different kinds of transport means. 


We have done our best to make sure your phone's battery won't be significantly affected. Just make sure you charge your phone every night.

MotionTag iPhone App Berlin

MotionTag Statistics App Display

See when, where and how you traveled, and learn how to optimize your personal statistics while keeping an eye on the environment.

  • fastest mode
  • most kilometers 
  • CO2-Footprint

All you need to do is confirm your trips done during the day and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

Compare yourself to the other MotionTaggers and do better than them.


We provide you with the information, it's now up to you to change your habits and get active for your planet.

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